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Dis-ease is the body calling itself back into alignment. Don't wait until you're sick to get healthy. 

 Bevvy is a first generation born Ghanaian, West African. Herbs were an essential part of her upbringing. Bevvy watched her father spend 21 years of his life in and out of hospitals, rehab, and on heavy medication due to imbalances in his mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. In 2023, her mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 uterine cancer. due to mental, emotional, and physical imbalances that she kept hidden. 

Bevvy began her holistic journey at the age of 26 when she too was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her way of life consisted of junk foods, lack of exercise, excessive sugar, salt, stress, self-sabotage, and high functioning depression. Over time she felt her body getting weaker and shutting down due to the accumulation of inflammation in her body. After a trip to the hospital and the help of the pandemic’s pause on her “normal” life, Bevvy decided if she didn’t take control of her life she would end up 6 feet under. She began to research the history of her ancestry and learned about her herbalist great grandfather in Ghana who dedicated his life towards healing, helping women get pregnant and reversing disease within the village. It began with small implementation of herbs, fasting, detoxing, and limiting meat intake from her diet that jump started her wellness journey to recovery. Almost 4 years later, she is no longer taking medication and has stabilized her blood sugar.

Bevvy is an educator, intuitive healer, herbalist, human design enthusiast, medical astrologist, and entrepreneur from The Bronx, NY. She has a passion for healing the body and mind by speaking directly to the soul through mindfulness and other spiritual work. As an educator, she urges the collective to question the toxic systems around us amid the pandemic chaos through her health business. 

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Sapo African Net Sponge
Pamela Anthony

Love my Sapo and It lathers really good !

Florida Water

I have been using Florida Water for over 30 years. Smells amazing. I spray in my car and home. On myself too. Good prices!

This is awesome!

I felt so much energy after doing the fast. I lost 10 1bs. You have to try it.

Easy to read, lots of good herbs.

Beautiful beads. I will buy again.

The WAP juice is delicious and very powerful i can literally feel it working and my baby girl loves the apple juice I will definitely be ordering more

Bevvy’s Shea Butter
Heather DuBose
Amazing products

Thank you! My skin has been so soft and hydrated, it looks and feels so much healthier.


An actual alternative to a washcloth. This actually cleans you.

3 Day Fruit Fast Guide
Don’t miss out!!

This guide is literally packed with all the information you need and more on how to safely and easily do a fruit fast. You can make your fast as simple or as complex as you want, so it’s good to have options depending on what your body is asking for. I’ve done the fruit fast with Bev a few times now and this guide is still giving me so many ideas on different recipes to try out for the next one. She also gives a huge list of all the fruits that we have been told are vegetables which opens up your options even more. This fast is about abundance, not restriction and this guide shows that brilliantly!!


Exactly what I needed 💯

Juice Fast

I've purchased all of her juicing books and they are very helpful and easy to follow I love the material Thanks, Bev.

African Sapo Wash Cloths

I absolutely love the African Sapo Cloths! Definitely noticed a difference in my skin after using these cloths. I love the beautiful colors of the cloths. I’ve purchase 7 and will be purchasing more!

Brittany Turner

Every herb was in excellent condition. Expedient shipping.

The juicer guide

I love this book, it's a great juicer guide.

Sapo African Net Sponge
Goddess Nadira
These Are Perfect!

This is my second time purchasing the Sapo. I bought one for my mom and I before and had to come back to get me another color. When I use this it feels like im exfoliating my entire body making for an extra deep clean in the shower.

Highly Recommended

I love the structure and creation of these recipes . I would suggest anyone to purchase this, study and then create these for themselves. I have dedicated myself to each one for 30 days at a time. So far i have seen a dramatic change in my skin, weight and this book was the jumpstart for my raw lifestyle living.

Divine Daddy Package

Who’s feeling juicy! I absolutely loved all of the juices in this pack! They were yummy and wholesome, I would definitely order again. I felt rejuvenated and the juices were super fresh and packed whith wholesome goodness.

Absolutely Love The Herbal Shea Butter!

I got the herbal butter and I can honestly say that it is the best shea butter I have ever gotten. Usually when I get shea butter I am just left shiny/greasy but not moisturized. This shea butter is very moisturizing and thick. I love it!

This The One

I purchased a Sapo from here which gives me a deep exfoliating wash so moisturizing my skin with this shea butter is essential. The raw smell of shea butter is always a plus but the biggest factor for me is the glow this butter gives my skin. My skin looks so healthy and shiny, dope product.

Ze Sapo Is Now A Necessity

On looking for essentials to add to my grooming rituals I came across Bevvy’s Botanica. I instantly noticed the Sapo with its unique design and all of the beautiful color options. I chose the metallic green color because of the earthy coral tone and sea vibe it gave me(made sense being that I’ll be surrounded by water). The way that this washcloth lathers up is absolutely AMAZING, it even stays soapy for a long time! It feels nice and soft and it feels like fresh exfoliation each use. I also enjoy the length of it as I can get to hard-to-reach places and get creative with how I fold or tie it while bathing.

Great foundational book for using astrology to cultivate a healthy lifestyle designed specifically for YOU!

This shea butter is definitely the real deal! Is a must have.

Seamoss Gel

Products are amazing

Womb Care Package

Amazing flavors amazing and fast shipping will definitely shop again soon.